De-escalation skills - All behaviour is communication
This half day course focusses on why children and young people display challenging behaviours.  We consider how life experiences and poor relationships result in the inability of children to trust and engage with the adults working with them.
Our aim is to enhance the capacity of social workers to manage the challenging behaviours of their clients and to provide strategies to help children and young people to engage with those who are trying to help them.
Course outline
  1. Stable childhood / chaotic childhood - how early life experiences colour our judgement.
  2. Toxic stress, trauma and neglect - how and why brain function is impaired.
  3. The function of the amygdala - how the fight, flight or freeze mechanism is triggered.
  4. Physical and emotional responses to anger/fear.
  5. Practical solutions - ways to minimise distress in clients and how to engage with them
Feedback from this course

“Really interesting training – more from the child/young person’s perspective which is really beneficial for practitioners.”  Social worker

“Trainers were excellent, good use of practical examples and how to put into practice.”  Social worker

“Brilliantly delivered.”  Family support worker


“Good level of interaction and well delivered.”  Social worker


“Provided lots of insight into how young people may be thinking when frightened and angry.”  Social worker

“Very informative, interactive and interesting”  Student social worker


“Very enjoyable course, many thanks.”  Student social worker


“Clear and informative whilst fun.”  Acting SPL


“Lively and interesting training.”  Social worker


“Great insight to the inside minds of young people we work with and great techniques on how to engage.”  Student social worker.


“Interesting and can relate with uses.  A little bit geared towards CIC team and maybe supports how to inform parents why children behave that way”  Social worker


“Great training and delivery made all the more effective by being reinforced by your own experiences and stories.”  Social worker

“The course was really good and very useful.  I feel that all social workers should be given this course as part of the job to create better practices.”  Social worker