Homework and revision course for foster carers/adoptive parents 

Areas covered

  • Behaviours associated with attachment disorders

  • Experiences in school

  • Brain development and how it impacts on learning and behaviour

  • Memory and learning, life experiences and their ongoing affects

  • Self-worth and positive attitudes

  • Homework routine 

  • Stages of child development and maturity to tackle work

  • What is it like to struggle at school?

  • Ways to approach homework tasks, making learning part of everyday life

  • What is your tone of voice and body language saying?

  • How to prevent behaviours escalating over homework

  • Do children have sufficient self-esteem to be able to try and fail?

  • Learning styles and how to make the most of them

  • Chaotic lives and adult expectations

  • What is the child’s culture regarding school and homework?

  • Is education important to them and their family? 

  • How would you feel in their position?

  • Advocating for young people at PEP reviews

  • Top homework tips

Please Note
The competencies required for carers in England and Wales will be married to the tasks completed during the course.  This saves time for you and your supervising social worker. It is also useful for annual review documentation.