For a vulnerable child, the world can be a daunting place.  For many of these children, education is not a priority.  When we work together to make a child feel safe and secure, we can help them to engage in learning and develop social skills. 


Our professional development courses are designed to promote best practice for looked after, adopted, edge of care and vulnerable children in schools. 


  • Enhance the capacity and maximise the skill set of all staff.
  • Become an attachment aware school.
  • Understand how trauma and toxic stress affect learning.
  • Be aware of why relationships and attachment are crucial in the classrooom.
  • Help promote emotional wellbeing and enhance emotional literacy.
  • Raise the attainment of children who are in the care system.
  • Enable your vulnerble students to better engage in education.
  • Boost social and emotional skills as well as academic progress.
  • Reduce exclusions for looked after children.
  • Enhance resilience in looked after children.
  • Augment self-esteem and boost confidence.
  • Create a sense of belonging and promote life long friendships.
  • Interpret behaviour and manage outbursts to reduce stress.
  • Prepare children to take their place in society. 

Become an attachment aware school. 

Wellbeing and learning - primary

Wellbeing and learning - 


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