Courses for foster carers and adoptive parents.


All courses are on a rolling programme, please contact us for details.


For those considering becoming foster carers or adoptive parents.


  • Who needs your help?

  • What can you expect?

  • Success stories.

  • What happens next? 


For foster carers and/or adoptive parents. 


How to manage fear and triggers that affect behaviour. 


  • To understand how powerful fear can be.

  • To be aware of the physical changes associated with fear.

  • To look at strategies to better manage stressful situations for young people.


Positive strategies to better manage children displaying challenging behaviour.


  • To be aware of how low self-esteem impacts on behaviour

  • To appreciate the value of positive life experiences for young children.

  • To understand that challenging authority is part of growing up.

  • To use appropriate rewards and sanctions effectively.

  • To discuss strategies to modify inappropriate behaviour.


Appreciating the mind-set of vulnerable young people living in difficult circumstances.


  • Identify the impact of lack of stability in very young children

  • To understand how grief and loss prevent children from building trusting relationships.

  • To be aware of how multi-disciplinary teams impact on children's lives.

  • To understand how stability, routine and consistency help children manage their anxieties.

Not all children are loved
Not all children are loved

Some children need our help
Some children need our help

You can give a child a family
You can give a child a family

Not all children are loved
Not all children are loved


Kinship carers.


We understand that kinship carers have different needs. With that in mind, we have developed a six part programme designed especially to meet the concerns raised by kinship carers we've worked with in the past.


Contact us for more details or ask the children's social worker to contact us on your behalf.